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Les Traboules is an independent association consisting of researchers and professionals in the field of social work.

Created in 1987, it seeks to offer an interface between research (academic or not) and the setting up of social action. The majority of the members of the association who decide on themes and actions belong to and /or support groups dealing with violence against women, groups fighting AIDS, and organisations seeking to put into place a politics of equality between women and men.

You will find here a presentation of the association, and, as well as détails of the research that the Traboules have been involved with, in the section headed «Traboules» Traboules

You will find a list of the researchers and other memebers of the association, along with their CVs, in the section headed «Researchers» Chercheur-e-s

Some of their articles, books and other writings are avaliable in the section headed «Texts» Textes

The dates of colloquiums and seminars, news and press reviews are in the section headed «News» Actualité

Contacts, e-mails, associated websites and other addresses are listed in the «Directory» Annuaire

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Traboules ?
vi, franco-provençal (Lyon)
apparently from the lat .(vulg)trabulare
(lat .transambulare): trans-, «across» and ambulare, to move, walk.
The verb, listed in 1894 in the Littré de la Grande Côte
signifies « to make a passage between houses » (with référence to a path, an alley)
The noun TRABOULE f, today more widely used than the verb, signifies the alley or the passage which « traboules ». It is not listed in the dictionaries at the end of the 19th/20th centuries and must have spread a little later.

Trans. adapted from the definition listed in the Robert Dictionnaire Historique de la Langue Française