Séminaire sur les hommes en changements: Présentation

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On the occasion of the seminar on Men Undergoing Change
taking place the 20th and 21st February in Toulouse…

European Day of Reflection
on the reception of violent men.
A starting-point for examining the current situation in Europe

Toulouse / France / 19th February 2004
Arche de l’Université Toulouse-Le Mirail / Amphi 9

In the framework of a Europeen evaluation of programmes for violent men, financed by the European Union’s Daphne Programme, we are proposing this first examination of the current state of affairs in Europe concerning the reception of male perpetrators of domestic violence.
The meeting is organised in association with the concerned programmes for violent men (Berlin, Germany; Madrid , Spain; Lausanne, Switzerland; Liège, Belgium; Belfort, Paris and Limoge, France) and with the participation of representatives of the Fédération Nationale Solidarité Femmes (France).

A much-needed examination will be made of the current situation concerning :
- different types of structures for the reception of men (individually or in groups, clinical models, collaborations with existing networks, links with laws and legal mechanisms concerning violence against women),
- difficulties encountered by existing centres for violent men.

By sharing these types of information and reflection, we propose to reflect on the definition of a « European standard for the reception of violent men » which will take into account the expertise acquired in the past twenty years or more by women working in shelters for abused women, the expertise and know-how of people who have been working with violent men throughout Europe for more than ten years, and the knowledge acquired around these questions by researchers in the social sciences.

This day of study is addressed to researchers in social sciences (particularly those who will be present at the seminars on equality taking place on the 20th and 21st February), and to people in charge of groups for the reception of violent men and female victims of domestic violence, who wish to consider these issues with us.

Daniel Welzer-Lang

Agenda for 19th February


8h30 à 9h: Reception

9h: Introduction
The Daphne Programme - Patrick Trousson, head of programme.
The Daphne « violent men » project – Daniel Welzer-Lang.

9h30/12h30: Different forms of intervention concerning perpetrators of domestic violence
- Judiciary social services. Magali Barre (Limoge) and Patrick Fonck (Liège)
- Psychology et sociology. Alain Legrand (Paris), Pascal Cuenot (Belfort) and Louis Bonino (Madrid)
- Importation and adaptation of North-American models. Christian Anglada (Lausanne) et Gerhard Hafner (Berlin)
- The situation in the Scandinavian countries. Jorgen Lorentzen (Norway)
- The relationships between programmes for perpetrators of domestic violence and centres for abused women in Quebec. Gilles Rondeau (Quebec)

12h30-14h: Lunch


14h: Consensus for a European standard
Fédération Nationale Solidarité Femmes (France).

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Séminaire sur les hommes en changements: Présentation